Frequently Asked Questions


- I don't live in the county of Santa Clara, can I register my son/daughter with your Soccer Academy?

Yes you can, Most of our teams have more than 80% Santa Clara county Residents, Santa Clara County includes the following cities: (San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View,  Palo Alto,  Saratoga, Campbell,  Cupertino,  Gilroy,  Los Altos,  Milpitas,  Monte Sereno,  Morgan Hill,  Los Altos Hills,  Los Gatos). If you live in any other surrounding counties/cities you can register your child then we will assign him'her in one of our teams that has many Santa Clara county residents players. but we always make sure the quota of 80% is preserved. Our practices and games can be held in any of above cities.


- How do I register my child for soccer with your Soccer Academy?

You just need to visit our registration page before every season www.siliconvalleyeagles.com/registration then all available programs will be listed there.


- How do tryouts work ?

Before every season we begin to have tryouts for our competitive teams in order to evaluate and compare the current players and see prospective players wanting to join Silicon Valley Eagles competitive teams. All players will be evaluated to be assigned at the right team and bracket. All players signed up for tryouts will be invited to attend the tryouts. The players will be scouted by different coaches who will share opinions and evaluation, then determine which players will join our teams in his right age group. The tryout dates will be published in our website and communicated by email to all players signed up for tryouts during the year. We also hold weekly tryouts in our practices for advanced players. Players registered with other clubs during the season, they need a tryout permission from their current clubs.


- What to do If my son/daughter can't make it to any tryout dates ?

If unable to attend any of the tryout dates, please Email us or Call us, then we will invite him/her to our weekly practice if spots still available. If your son/daughter sign up and play competitive in other Norcal Premier club, then you may need a permission from your current club to attend our practice during the season. The open tryout held in May-June no permission is needed.


- How the players will be evaluated at the tryouts ?

The players are evaluated on the four components that make up a soccer player:
1. Techniques 
2. Tactics (understand basic concepts of game planning and basic implementation of the coach instructions)
3. Fitness and Athletic Ability
4. Psychosociological Component (attitude towards other players and a coachable athlete)


- When will players find out if they have made a team?

Silicon Valley Eagles will do what it can to expedite the notification process, but it does take time 1 week to 10days.
After tryouts finish, coaches must first secure commitments from players selected for the teams.
Sometimes, it can take up to 1 week-10 days per team for player commitments to be secured for all of our teams. We also make a second list of alternate players maybe invited to more than a tryout for more evaluation.
the roster should be posted and players should be notified the week to 10 days following that teams’ final tryouts.
The head coaches have the exclusive right to select the players with or without tryouts.


- How many players will be selected for each team?

- For U8-U9 age groups (these teams play 7 vs. 7 game) there will typically be about Minimum 11- to Maximum 14 players on a roster for teams in a game day. 
- For U10-U12 age groups (these teams play 9 vs. 9 game) there will typically be about 13 Minumum to 16 players Maximum on a roster for teams in a game day.
- For U13-U15 (11 vs.11) Minimum 15 Players to Maximum number of players on the roster should not exceed eighteen (18) in a game day
- For U16 and older (11 vs. 11) Minimum 15 Players to Maximum number of players on the roster should not exceed twenty (20) in a game day.


- How will players find out if they have made the team, and when will they have to commit to the team?

The head coaches will make the final list roster of selected players. All players participated in the tryouts will be contacted by the club whether they made the roster or not. We also chose for each team 3 or 4 alternate players to invite them to another tryout for a second evaluation. Please be patient the process will not take more than 10 days. In an effort to expedite the process of extending invitations and securing commitments, initial invitations to join teams will be communicated via e-mail to the parents of the players offered spots. Parents will be asked to respond to e-mail invitations within 24-48 hours, but an immediate response is preferred. Any family that does not respond to the e-mail invitation will receive a follow-up email/phone call. If players didn't make it to competitive teams, he/she can try again next season or even during the season. We have other semi-competitive teams too if accepted they will be placed in balanced teams in their age group to make sure the player is developing in the right environment.


- My Child has limited skills in soccer and he is beginner in playing soccer, can he still join your soccer academy?
Yes he can in his age group in recreational level (if applicable). We don't discriminate against any player willing to join our teams even if the level of his/her soccer skills considered beginner or limited, since we have 3 programs recreational,  semi-competitive and competitive our job is to assign players in their level to achieve success.
Furthermore we believe that kids can improve and develop fast and tremendously if we implement the 3 components of a strategic and engaging youth development  "Right Environment, Right Exercises, Right Message", the kids can improve and develop fast. for more info check our Soccer development programs.


- What is the soccer season?
There is no traditional season in youth soccer. In Silicon Valley Eagles Youth Soccer Academy we have 2 main league seasons Fall (Mid-Jan to Mid-June) and Spring (Aug to Mid-Dec), then 2 other very short seasons Summer and Winter where we run camps and weekly program. Our programs include the following soccer programs:

- Outdoor Soccer League games In one of the 2 Leagues ( Norcal Premier Leagues) and (CalNorth Leagues)
- Outdoor Tournaments (Minimum 2 tournaments per season and the district cup tournament)
- FUTSAL program- One in the Summer and one in the Winter
- Beach Soccer Program in Summer time
- 5V5 Soccer league and tournament (Small sided Games )
- Free Soccer Program for the community organized by SV Eagles - open to all (once a year)

Note: Based on the availability of Tournaments and games, our seasons (starting and ending) vary from one season to another, but it is always no less than 3-5 months program.


- What does the U in U-8 , U-9, U-10... mean?
The player's age as of January 1st, if the player born after January 1st he still considered U-age


- What my Registration fee covers?

Our long term goal is to make this club fully sponsoring and providing scholarship to all talented players from underprevileged families whom selected after an open tryouts with equal opportunities in our Silicon Valley Area.

1- For all Players , the below terms are applicable.
This is a one season registration (Fall or Spring) and NOT a monthly basis program, you to pay in Full the amount to cover one season (3-5 months)
The club receives 2 season payments per year (Fall Season and Spring Season)

- The registration fee covers:  
- Registration to SVEYSA and passcards with the affiliated soccer organizations.
- Insurance
- Coaching fees for the season
- Registration in one league season (Fall or Spring) in Calnorth or Norcal 
- Fields rental and maintenance, referees fees and all equipments
- Coaching and Players education 
- Payment to online training platforms

- The registration fee doesn't cover the following:

- Uniforms are NOT included and will be purchased separately. from our vendor ADMIRAL
- Any additional participation in soccer tournaments will be paid separatly (player sharing fee) such as:

  • Outdoor tournaments
  • Beach Soccer
  • Futsal  Tournaments 
  • Soccer Clinics and camps
  • Private coaching sessions.
  • The End of season party in a family potluck picnic where all families members will be invited to the party.

2- For Players covered by the scholarship program.
Portion of the Registration fee will be covered by the scholarship program provided by the club. This scholarship program is available with an equal opporutnity for talented players from underprivileged families. Scholarship application is provided upon request. To apply for Scholarship Application can be downloaded at this link. Currently we have limited spots but our long term plan is to make this club fully sponsoring all talented players from low income and unprivileged families accepted after open tryout with equal opportunity from the Silicon Valley area.
We aim to increase the number of businesses/donors that would be willing to sponsor our players and our programs. Silicon Valley Eagles Youth Soccer Academy has a very limited amount of funding available for scholarship athletes. No guarantee of assistance is implied in all applications.

- Are the coaches in Silicon Valley Eagles Youth Soccer Academy have Coaching Licenses ?
Yes, all of our head coaches are professional and certified coaches with many years of soccer experience and with minimum of 5+ years of coaching experience working with children.
We expect our coaches to take advantage of advanced courses and training content conducted by United Soccer Coaches (NSCAA), US Soccer, USSF, CYSA, US CLUB and international development academies.


- Are the coaches and volunteers involved in Silicon Valley Eagles Youth Soccer Academy qualified to work with youth ?
Our licensed coaches are qualified to work with kids.  We perform background checks on the coaches as part of the screening process. All of our coaches performed live scan fingerprinting and signed Employment/Volunteer Disclosure statement.


- What equipment do I need?
Shinguards are required for all practices and games. Cleated shoes are needed if play will be on wet, muddy or soft surfaces. Soccer ball (size 4) is mandatory in every practice throughout of the season.


- Where can I buy the club uniform?
We have made a good deal with AMIDRAL company to provide us with high quality uniform with a reasonable price. You can purchase the uniform directly from them at https://siliconvalleyeagles.com/store  you need to buy the club required items (Blue uniform + White Jersey)


- Where can I buy soccer equipment (cleats, shinguard, balls, suites..)?
You can buy locally from the following places:

Soccer Pro  (A discount may be given if you mention you are from Silicon Valley Eagles soccer club)
1338 Saratoga Ave
San Jose, CA 95129
(408) 551- 0413
M-F 10am-7pm
Sat 10am-5pm
Sun 11am-4pm

Asby Sports inc  (A discount may be given if you mention you are from Silicon Valley Eagles soccer club)
Capitol Square Mall
392 N. Capitol Ave.
San Jose, Ca. 95133
(408) 259-6770

Mon-Fri: 10am-8pm
Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 10am-5pm

Sports Basement
1177 Kern Ave,
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
(408) 732-0300

Mon-Fri: 9am-9pm
Sat & Sun: 9am-8pm


You can buy Online from the following websites:












- What does my child need to bring to practice?
The soccer ball purchased at the academy or any soccer ball, soccer shoes, shinguards and plenty of water.


- My child has a disability or a health problem Is there a place for him/her?
Our Soccer program is a program for players with mental or physical challenges. In the future will do our best to coordinate with other organizations and cities to organize special soccer programs for kids with special needs.


- Can I wear a cast (or earings, medals, eyeglasses)?
The FIFA Laws of the Game prohibit anything which is dangerous to a player or other players.


- Why can't players wear helmets?
Helmets are not included in the Laws of the Game under Players Equipment. Although the player wearing the headgear is protected, he may play in a physically more aggressive manner than others not protected, thereby becoming a danger to others.


- Are mouth guards needed?
Injuries to the teeth are so few that insurers do not require them. Many dentists however recommend them.


- How many players are on a team?

- For U8-U10 age groups there will typically be about 11-14 players on a roster for teams (these teams play 7 vs. 7 soccer)
- For U11-U12 age groups there will typically be about 13-16 players on a roster for teams (these teams play 9 vs. 9 soccer) 
- For U13/15 (11 vs.11) Maximum number of players on the roster should not exceed eighteen (18)
- For U16 and older (11 vs. 11) Maximum number of players on the roster should not exceedy-two (20).


- How big is the field in the game?
Field sizes vary by age group and the number of roster in each game. If we play:
- Small-sided games 5v5 therefore the field is 40yrds x 25 yrds (or similar)
- Games 7v7 therefore the field is 70yrds x 40 yrds (or similar)
- Games 9v9 therefore the field 80yrds x 50 yards (or similar)
- Games 11v11 therefore the field 100yards x 70 yards (or similar)


- How long the duration of the games?
The games will be:
- For U8-U10 games are 2x25 min halves and 5 min halftime break.
- For U12-U13 games are 2x30 min halves 
- For U14-U15 games are 2x35 min halves 
- For U16-U18 games are 2x40 min halves
- For U19 and older games are 2x45 min halves and 15 min halftime break


- I heard from a friend that his son involved in soccer spent most of his playing time in the bench during the game, do you have a minimum playing time for the players in each game ?
We understand how he feels as a parent when he sees his son/daughter in the bench because simply the coach wanted to win the game. We hear it all the time: there is too much emphasis on “winning at all costs.” Yet how many times have you gone to a game and heard parents yelling at the kids to do what it takes to score goals and win? Coaches are told from one side that development is the priority in youth soccer, but then see their decisions questioned when the team loses.
In Silicon Valley Eagles Youth Soccer at the competitive level we guarantee to each player a minimum of playing time in each game throughout the season. At the recreational level there is more playing time close to equal between players.

However, in higher competitive levels  the playing time is based on:

1. Intensity of the games, taken into consideration the psychological state and the safety of the players.
2. Skill level demonstrated in practices and games.
3. Attendance and level of effort demonstrated during practice and games.
4. Overall attitude, respect, and commitment to team play demonstrated during practices and games.

At the end, no one will seat in the bench during the whole game. PERIOD.


- How many practices are there per week?
Our program use the "2 or 3 or 4 times a week with 75 or 90 or 120min each session" model and they play games on the weekend mostly on Saturdays for competitive and on Sundays for Semi-competitive any time between 8AM and 5PM, also the leagues sometimes schedule games on Saturdays and Sundays for both semi-com and competitive teams.


- What location, days and times are your practices?
Our practice locations is chosen by our coaches, the location can be in a field or in one park of  San Jose city and some of the surrounding cities such Santa Clara, Sunnyvale or Cupertino, in weekdays (Mon-Thur) and times are after school or after working time, it varies from one coach to another, the coach has the authority to chose the location, practice day and time.


- Do you provide summer and school break camps?
Yes we provide soccer camps in the school break and in summer, advanced clinics in soccer and Futsal will be provided, all of our programs will be listed in the website registration page.


 - I have more questions who should I contact?
If you have more questions please use our contact page then we will reply back to you within 48 hours.


 We hope to see you becoming part of our Silicon Valley Eagles family and you'll enjoy our Advanced Soccer Programs :)


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